Evans repeater is a well-known weapon on Red dead redemption which many players use especially Rootless-woy, Rootless is a revolutionary Black Indian on Red Dead Redemption who believes in independence, justice and also being righteous. Rootless has removed many Usarmy clans from Red dead Redemption which are racist against the Blacks, Native Americans and others, Rootless says he wants a massive revolution on Red dead redemption which includes rockstar for not rebuilding Mescalero. Rootless's tribe goes around killing government clans and anyone that is a USARMY Soldier immediately also they listen to Cultural music, some Rap, Hip hop, R & B, speeches and others. They respect people that play as Dutch the person that formed the tribe and helped the Native Americans, as soon as he helped the Native Amerians he went to an unfair death but many Soldiers regret fighting against the Red indians. Rootless's tribe still kill the government on Red Dead Redemption.

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