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Most members of MostWanted Clan in rdr were known cheaters and clan hoppers. Leading the pack was MostsWanted_Swed, he was both. Joined more than 10 Clans over the course of 2 years and was kicked from the best of these when leaders found out he wasnt loyal or a legit player. Most wanted aspired to make a name for themselves by having NON cheating members that were less than skilled make videos of them running from town to town to boost the score of there team because they couldnt rely on kills for there points.There are many ignorant people who claim that MostWanted was the best, but that was never the case. This vido is an example of the beginning of the fall of red dead redemption.After this " victory " over the best clan rdr ever saw ShadowTRIBE( a nation of players that were overly skilled and always played legit , wile at the same time defeating cheaters like MostWanted & Bandit_GANG) othe new clans started to pop up on red dead using the same shady tactics and even some of the same players. These clans would always fizzle out after a few weeks after better more advanced teams defeated them in every way. ShadowTRIBE was on top of the rdr world using brilliant war tactics and having the most and the most loyal members. With a nation of over 140, no one could stop them with out cheating. ShadowTRIBE lead by ShadowTRIBE_Boss and his Right hand ShadowTRIBE_EVIL followed by an army of expierianced soldiers battle proven were more than an unstopable force, managing to infultrate almost every clan in existance and obtaining vital information on tactics and antics not to mention the admitance of cheating and over all fear of ShadowTRIBE. Eventuly ShadowTRIBE grew weary of every team other than them selves cheating and using glitches to win and retired. This was decided by ST leader ship that it was time to move on. ShadowTRIBE was the biggest and had the longest run on rdr. No clan to date has acomplished even half of what they did in the 3 and a half years of devistation unleashed on rdr on ps3. You earned your rest ShadowTRIBE. You will always be the KINGS OF RED DEAD.

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