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Fitch was the laughing stock of Brimstone for some time, he tried and failed at just about every trade you could imagine.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Fitch is a character in Red Dead Revolver.


Fitch is the tailor in Brimstone. After failing at several other trades he found that he was actually good at clothing people.


The player can purchase items from Fitch in his tailor shop on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Street. Most of the available items are related to clothing. As with all such items in the game, the physical items are not used, they just unlock pages in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal and/or characters or stages in Showdown Mode.

Mission Appearances

This character does not appear in any missions, only being present between missions in his shop.

Showdown Mode

This character is not available in Showdown Mode.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Fitch is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 256 - 257 under the Merchants of Brimstone section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing the Tape Measure.



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