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Hold it right there, outlaw!
This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details.

Flowers for a Lady is a Stranger side-mission featured in Red Dead Redemption.


John Marston comes across an elderly man named Billy West, picking flowers on the side of the road. The man wants to give his wife, Annabel, a bouquet for their 50th anniversary. He asks for Marston's help in gathering the flowers.


Mission PrerequisitesEdit

Before this Stranger will appear on the world map, the player must complete:

Mission ObjectivesEdit

After speaking with Billy West, the player must:

Mission DetailsEdit

Start the mission by speaking to Billy. He can be found just east of MacFarlane's Ranch and just west of Stillwater Creek. Billy will be marked with a "?" when you can start this mission.

He needs three units of Wild Feverfew, Red Sage and Desert Sage. Wild Feverfew grow around Hennigan's Stead, Red Sage near Rio Bravo, and Desert Sage grow out west near Gaptooth Ridge. Collect three of each to make a bouquet for Billy and bring them to his cabin later.

After giving the flowers to Billy, he invites you into his cabin and insists you try his wife's tea. Upon entering, you discover that Annabel is a long-dead dessicated corpse, left to rot in a chair. It is quite possible Billy is in extreme denial that his wife is even dead at all. When Billy asks Marston again to stay for the tea, Marston says "Sorry, but I have an appointment with planet Earth" and walks away.

Tips and TricksEdit


  • This is the first Stranger side-mission that becomes available to the player, since it becomes available after the main storyline mission "New Friends, Old Problems".
  • While on horseback, it is possible to see through the window behind the rocking chair. Only Annabel's hair can be seen, however, giving the player the impression that she is alive and well.
    • It is also possible to go behind the house on horseback and see Annabel in her entirety through either the window or gap in the wall. Annabel is clearly dead when viewed like this.
    • If you shoot the man, but do not entirely kill him, he will be shown as a red blip.
  • If played as Jack Marston, Billy will still say he and Annabel have been married for 50 years, despite the actual year being 1914, thus they would have been married 53 years.
  • If you re-enter the cabin and bump against the corpse, its head will fall off. If Billy witnesses this, he will be shocked and say something about it.
  • If you return after a day or two, Billy will be outside talking either about the tea or another general invite into the house. However, Annabel is nowhere to be seen. Her rocking chair can also be seen outside the house with no corpse, as if Billy has finally buried her.
  • The corpse is somewhat reminiscent of the 1960 film Psycho, in which a delusional son believes his mother to be alive after her death and keeps her hidden from the world, leaving her corpse in a rocking chair. The hair of Annabel is similar to the mother's.
  • After the mission, you can shoot Billy, but you will lose honor. (unless you're wearing the bandana).
  • The name Annabel is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "Annabel Lee", which tells the story of a man who lies with his deceased wife in her tomb: "And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes of the beautiful Annabel Lee; and so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side of my darling - my darling - my life and my bride, in the sepulchre there by the sea, in her tomb by the sounding sea."
  • The story is hauntingly similar to William Faulkner's 1930 short story "A Rose for Emily".
  • The activity can still be finished after the mission "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed".
  • If the mission is started as John but finished by Jack, Billy will say "You look like a man who passed by here a couple years ago".
  • If you put on subtitles and intiate the quest as Jack Marston, the subtitle will have a spelling mistake in it.
  • Flowers For A Lady is also a 1974 composition by jazz great Charles Mingus.
  • If one looks through a broken board on the side of the house, they can see Annabel's face.
  • Annabel's blackbird pie may be a reference to the well-known English nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence".
  • After you've completed the mission, if you run into the shelves behind Annabel, her head falls off.
  • Strangely, even though John never gives his name, and Billy refers to him as stranger at the beginning of the ending cutscene, at the end of the same cutscene as John is walking out the door, Billy refers to him by name.


Video WalkthroughEdit

Red Dead Redemption - Stranger Side Mission - Flowers for a Lady04:32

Red Dead Redemption - Stranger Side Mission - Flowers for a Lady


Aiding Strangers will contribute toward the following Trophies/Achievements:

Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Complete a task for a Stranger.

Rdr people still strange icon
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.

Gold Ps3 gold trophy
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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