Hold it right there, outlaw!
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You there, friend! Come get me out of this mess and I'll make it worth your while!

Floyd Brogles to Marston

Floyd Brogles is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


He may have a history of treasure hunting, as he and his partner, Clay Pettiford, look middle-aged, and he may mention something along the lines of "Not again!" when being shot at.


Floyd plays a large role during the Gaptooth Breach gang hideout. After talking to his dying partner, Clay Pettiford, Marston must fight through the Treasure Hunters in order to reach a trapped Floyd. Floyd will ask Marston to help him reach the treasure in the mine, and in return Marston will get a share. Upon agreeing, Floyd and Marston fight their way through the mine and, if Floyd is not killed along the way, will reach the room where the treasure is located. There, it becomes apparent that the "treasure" is only a couple of chests with small amounts of money inside. Disappointed, Floyd allows Marston all of the money and sits on a box of dynamite. Once Marston leaves the room, a loud explosion will be heard or seen. Returning to the room will reveal that Floyd has been vaporised.

Floyd can also be found playing Blackjack at Rathskeller Fork, as well as other locations throughout New Austin and West Elizabeth. Sometimes, Floyd will challenge the player to a duel. Floyd can sometimes be seen partaking in criminal activities, such as horse theft.


Hey, killer! C'mon! What're you waitin' on?
Floyd Brogles summoning the player
I feel like puttin' an end to someone today. How's about you and me partake in the fair and impartial act of duelin'?
Floyd Brogles challenging the player to a duel
I would prefer a more intimate means of killing you, but this lead-based method may suffice!
Floyd Brogles, before a duel