(Red Harlow and Shadow Wolf are in the courtyard of Fort Diego, under fire from a Gatling Gun)

Shadow Wolf: Cousin, if we wait much longer for the cavalry, they will be rescuing our corpses. If we attack the gatling gun head on, we'll both die. I'll draw their fire while you try to find a way inside the walls.

(Colonel Daren has captured Shadow Wolf, throws him to the ground, and puts his fut on Shadow Wolf's back.)

Colonel Daren: Revenge shall be mine!

(Red defeats Daren and approaches the dying Shadow Wolf.)

Shadow Wolf: Many are the dead who have prayed for this moment. You have done well, Red, but Diego still lives.

(A train whistle sounds.)

Shadow Wolf: That is his train. Go, cousin, finish what you have started.

(Shadow Wolf dies. Red takes the warriors knife and plunges it into Daren's chest.)

Red: Our people now shall know of your courage, cousin.

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