(Jack Swift cautiously enters Widow's Patch and finds Katie O'Grady tied up.)

Katie: You cowards! Somebody let me free! Oh mister, mister, please, you gotta cut me loose. Mister. Mister, ple ... as.

Jack: Shhhh.

(A fight ensues between Jack, Clyde Slade, and some Fidgits while Katie remains tied up. After a while, Lightning Larouche emerges.)

Larouche: Who's up for some barbecue? (Burns down a house)

Jack (killing Slade): You've lost your edge.

Jack (killing Larouche): It's getting hot./What a nasty burn!

(Professor Perry appears.)

Perry: Jack, what an unpleasant surprise! (Jack fires at him. Perry teleports to a house's roof) That wasn't very nice, Jack. Don't bet on makin' it out again.

(Jack battles Perry and his minions, including Atlas.)

Perry (Taking a swig of his elixer.): Time for a little pick-me-up, I think. My boys will keep you busy.

Perry (Taking another swig of his elixer.): Oh, All this excitement has made me quite thirsty!

Perry (Taking a final swig of his elixer.): Dammit! I've almost run dry. Okay, Swift, I've had enough of you now!

(Perry is killed and Jack frees Katie as cautious townsfolk start to emerge from hiding.)

Jack: Never did like the circus.

Katie: That was incredible! You saved my life!

Jack: All in a day's work. I only wish it was more financially gratifying.

Katie: Well shoot, mister, if the money's all you're worried about, I know someone with your talent could pick up $5000 without even tryin'.

Jack: Pray to tell! Young lady! And I would like to see you dead!

Katie: There's a sharpshooter competition in Brimstone. Winner takes all. Shouldn't be a problem for such a fine marksman as yourself.

Jack: Well, madam.

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