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Gambling is the wager of currency or possessions on the outcome of a game or event. At the time of Red Dead Redemption, in the American west, gambling was widespread and generally accepted among all forms of society. Gambling often took place in saloons and bars, and wagers were almost ubiquitously placed on games of poker and blackjack. Gambling could potentially be a full-time occupation, and disputes that erupted from cheating and deception and money-borrowing often could result in death.

Single Player

In-game, the player can wager on many activities. Gambling can be done in the many saloons in the game. Games of poker and blackjack feature prominently, but Marston can also wager on arm wrestling, horseshoes, liar's dice, and five finger fillet. Players can either win or lose considerable sums of cash through gambling.

Various forms of gambling are required to earn scraps for many of the outfits in the game. Total gambling winnings of $1000 are required to unlock a scrap of the Savvy Merchant Outfit. The player's current total winnings can be viewed in the Stats section of the pause menu.


Poker and Liar's Dice are added to multiplayer by the Liars and Cheats DLC Pack. Since money is not accumulated in multiplayer the way it is in single player, each player is instead given a daily allowance of $200 for gambling. If that money runs out, the player must wait until the next day to participate in gambling again. The player's current balance is displayed in the multiplayer menu by the Liar's Dice and Poker playlists.

Gambling is a category of multiplayer challenges. Two challenges each are available for poker and liar's dice, with multiple ranks for each challenge.


The following Trophies/Achievements can be acquired through playing the various gambling minigames in Red Dead Redemption:

Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die.

Rdr compulsive liar
XBOX 360 Only
In a full Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, win without losing a single die.

Rdr good call
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
In a single Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, successfully make a spot-on call.

Rdr one die rule them all
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
In a Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, win with only one die left.

Rdr high roller icon
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Win over 2,000 chips in a hand of Poker or Blackjack.

Rdr pa-pa-pa-poker ace
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
In a full Multiplayer Poker game, beat the table when blinds are at maximum.

Rdr big bluff
XBOX 360 Only
In a Multiplayer Poker game, win a hand by forcing someone with a better hand to fold.

Rdr van down river
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
In a Multiplayer Poker game, win a hand on the last card when you were losing prior.

Rdr hand grenades icon
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Get a ringer in a game of horseshoes.

Gold Ps3 gold trophy
Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.

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