Gang Shootout Challenges are a class of multiplayer challenge under the PVP category, associated with the Gang Shootout competitive mode in Redemption Multiplayer. There are three challenges with a total of seven ranks between them. The challenges are unlocked at multiplayer rank 2.

Each rank of each challenge requires the player to complete Gang Shootout matches in a particular position on the leaderboard. When each rank is completed, the player earns XP and a title.

Top 3

Rank Description XP Title
1 Place in the top 3 in Gang Shootout 1 time 50 Gang Lieutenant
2 Place in the top 3 in Gang Shootout 5 times 100 Gang Leader
3 Place in the top 3 in Gang Shootout 20 times 150 Gang Boss


Rank Description XP Title
1 MVP in Gang Shootout (highest score) 50 Team Player
2 MVP in Gang Shootout 5 times 100 Head of the Class
3 MVP in Gang Shootout 10 times 150 First Round Draft

Counter MVP

Rank Description XP Title
1 Counter MVP in Gang Shootout (Highest score on losing team) 150 The 'Ike Clanton' Award

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