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Gaston Tidmore
Rdr gaston tidmore
Gender Male
Location Town of Thieves' Landing in Hennigan's Stead, New Austin
Family Unknown
Weapon Repeater Carbine

I'm an honest blacksmith!

Gaston Tidmore while playing Liar's Dice

Gaston Tidmore is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Gaston works as the local Blacksmith in Thieves' Landing.


He can most often be found at the Thieves' Landing Livery or playing Liar's Dice in the Thieves' Landing Saloon.


You're a damn liar!
Gaston Tidmore when calling a bluff
Gaston Tidmore is the most honest man in town.
Gaston Tidmore when making a bet
John Marston! I'm Gaston Tidmore, pleased to meet you.
Gaston Tidmore when greeted with high Fame


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