Sometimes I think I should have accepted my daddy's college fund.

Gilroy Massey

Gilroy Massey is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Gilroy's background. He wears brown overalls and a grey cap. He has a deep southern accent. Gilroy mentions that he had the option to go to college, but chose not to; a decision he regrets.


Gilroy can most often be found at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp, doing various jobs. However, he can also be found working at MacFarlane's Ranch as well as in Armadillo.


Hello there.
Gilroy Massey greeting the player
Back home, the bacon was sweeter than it is out here.
Gilroy Massey
I'm starting to think this Wild West adventure, might've been the wrong decision.
Gilroy Massey
Everyone get away!
Gilroy Massey when frightened
More bullets? Really?
Gilroy Massey
Keep back, everybody!
Gilroy Massey when frightened
I always knew it would end this way.
Gilroy Massey when injured
Shelly, Byron, I'm coming to join ya!
Gilroy Massey when injured
This is bad whiskey. Who put something in my drink?
Gilroy Massey while drunk


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