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Marston Tipping his Hat

A Greeting is an action that can be performed in Red Dead Redemption.


If Marston has honor past neutral and the player presses the O/B button while facing a friendly NPC, Marston will tip his hat towards the NPC followed by a spoken greeting. The NPC will often return the greeting. Alternatively, the player can taunt other NPCs if their honor is below neutral.


John MarstonEdit

  • "Have a good day, sir."
  • "Sí, holá... buenos, uh... holá."
  • "Holá señor."
  • "Uh, holá señora."
  • "Good evening, my dear sir."
  • "Hello there, miss."
  • "Hi, friend."
  • "Nice to see you, partner."
  • "Hello, friend."
  • "Have a good night, friend."
  • "Why, hello."


  • Marston will still do the animation for tipping his hat even if the outfit he is wearing does not equip a hat.
  • Gang Members will not respond back if the player greets them, but they do respond if the player taunts them.
  • If Marston were to wear the Bandito Outfit or the Deadly Assassin Outfit and tip his hat towards an NPC then his hand will go through the hat slightly. This is less noticeable with the Deadly Assassin Outfit.
  • If Marston were to greet a Mexican then he will often hesitantly speak Spanish.
  • In Undead Nightmare, Zombie Marston will still do the animation, but will growl like a zombie.


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