Red Dead Redemption
Bounty Target

Harlan Forbes
Rdr harlan forbes01
Gender Male
Wanted Poster Location Rathskeller Fork
Affiliations Treasure Hunters
Weapon Schofield Revolver
Double-action Revolver
Cattleman Revolver
Wanted Poster
Rdr harlan forbes
Dead Alive
$20 $40

You ain't gonna get away from me!

Harlan Forbes

Harlan Forbes is a minor character and a bounty target featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Harlan is a treasure hunter and miner.


Red Dead RedemptionEdit

Harlan is wanted for property destruction and can be captured or killed depending on the player's choice.

He can also be found playing Five Finger Fillet in Armadillo. He can also be found Arm Wrestling in Plainview.

Liars and CheatsEdit

With the addition of the Liars and Cheats DLC pack, Harlan can be encountered in two additional gang hideouts; Cueva Seca and The Scratching Post.

Undead NightmareEdit

In Undead Nightmare, Harlan can be found defending Gaptooth Breach, where he is inside the mine. If Gaptooth Breach is saved and Harlan survives, he will move to the shaft tower with Roscoe Duffy.


Die, boy!
Harlan Forbes during a gunfight
Boy, you gonna be sorry you woke up this morning!
Harlan Forbes during a gunfight
Me, I always been good at stabbin'.
Harlan Forbes (playing Five Finger Fillet)
What's your wager that you can beat me, boy?
Harlan Forbes (playing Five Finger Fillet)
God gave me the skill with knives!
Harlan Forbes (playing Five Finger Fillet)
You're looking for a dogfight, mister Marston?
Harlan Forbes when bumped into
I'm gonna boil you, mister!
— 'Harlan Forbes during a gunfight



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