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Harlow Homestead is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


The Harlow homestead is home to Red Harlow when his father Nate Harlow was out searching for gold. Though it is a medium-sized multiplayer map, the very first mission of Red Dead Revolver takes place in The Harlow Homestead when Nate Harlow returns with from his months of prospecting out in legendary Bear Mountain. Red fires at his mothers pots and pans down at the creek, and suddenly the homestead erupts with gunfire from bandits. They managed to kill Red's mother and father, but he manages to dismember one of the men attacking his family.


The lay-out of the Harlow Homestead is rather simple. It is a single house surrounded by a broken wood fence with a creek surrounding the map. This is rarely any cover so keep on your toes and take out your best character that is special in short-range combat (Ugly Chris is a good guy to use.) The match is usually in favor to whoever gets into the house first so do your best to do that.