I've been doing this since I was a colt.

Hassun, boasting of his Five Finger Fillet experience.

Hassun is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Hassun is a Native American and a member of Dutch's Gang.


Hassun can most often be found playing Five Finger Fillet at Manzanita Post.

He has been known to wreak havoc on the people of West Elizabeth alongside his fellow members of Dutch's Gang, and will often be hostile towards the player.


I will give you a quick death!
Death is too good for you!
I will make this painless for you!
My people have suffered enough indignities, release me!
Hassun while hogtied
Is this how you are treating us now? Binding us like cattle?
Hassun while hogtied
How quick do you think I could skin you?
Hassun while hogtied
Your fearlessness is impressive.
Hassun (after losing a game of Five Finger Fillet)
Come here!
Hassun during a gunfight
No you don't!
Hassun after witnissing someone getting killed
Its time mister!
Hassun during a gunfight
You die now!
Hassun during a gunfight
You are not special mister, you die like the rest!
Hassun during a gunfight
These wounds may be fatal.
Hassun when injured
There is nothing you want here, move on.
Hassun when threatened
Your presence is not welcome here.
Hassun when threatened


  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Jeevan Guni.
  • His name is of Native American origin; in this culture, Hassun means "stone".
  • Before the release of the game, he, Kosumi, Enepay, Helaku, and Nashoba were meant to be bounty targets but were scrapped before the game was available to the public.
  • Hassun appears during one trailer for Red Dead Redemption, in which he wields a Schofield Revolver.
  • He never appears in Free Roam.
  • He is voiced by Noah Watts, whom also voiced Connor; the main protagonist in the popular video game Assassins Creed 3.
  • Hassun shares the same head as Dakota.


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