She was a girl Dutch van der Linde shot in the head on that raid on the ferry a few years back. Same one you got shot on. Pretty girl... until her eye was hanging out by a tendon, and her brain was plastered over a wall.

The Strange Man

Heidi McCourt is an unseen, deceased character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Heidi was a victim of Dutch's Gang, shot in the head by Dutch van der Linde during a ferry robbery. She has been described by the Strange Man as being a "pretty girl, until her eye was hanging out by a piece of tendon".


Heidi is mentioned by the Strange Man during the Stranger side-mission "I Know You".


  • Heidi McCourt shares her name with the ex-wife of a Rockstar employee. Probably uncoincidentally, however it was the same employee who played a key role in designing the Strangers side-mission "I Know You".
  • Some players mistake Heidi for Muriel Scranton, since they were both killed by Dutch with a shot to the head. This isn't so as Heidi was killed on a ferry prior to the story, while Muriel was killed in the Bank of Blackwater.
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