(Buffalo Soldier and wagon driver Gabby Brennan are making their way through Hell Pass, being attacked by Native Americans.)

Brennan: There goes my last chance.

Buffalo Soldier: Just keep drivin'.

Brennan: Dagnabbit!

Buffalo Soldier: There's too many!

Brennan: Looks like one last ambush.

Buffalo Soldier: Sorry I got you into this, mister.

Brennan: Don't give up.

Brennan: Wow, that was awesome! I think you got 'em all.

(Buffalo Soldier is saying goodbye to Gabby Brennan after safely making it out of Hell Pass.)

Brennan: Brimstone's just about a mile or so down that way. Sorry I can't take you any closer, but there's some desperate folks in need of these supplies.

Buffalo Soldier: Much obliged, mister. I'll make sure to tell the governor you helped me. There may even a reward in it for you.

Brennan (nervously): If it's all the same to you, I'd just assume Governor Griffon don't even know who I am. Good luck to you, soldier.

(Buffalo Soldier enters Governor Griffon's office.)

Buffalo Soldier: Governor, you gotta call General Boden right away, sir! Griffon: Heh heh, who let you in here, soldier?

Buffalo Soldier: There's a renegade general on your territory. His name is Diego. He's running a gold mine and he's using our people as slave labor. It's a job only the U.S. Army can handle, sir.

(Mr. Kelley and a couple of the Cornet Brothers show up behind Buffalo Soldier.)

Buffalo Soldier: He has an army and a fort too!

Governor Griffon: Well, thank you, soldier. Mr. Diego is one of my biggest contributors. I'm sure this is all a simple misunderstanding.

Governor Griffon: But Mr. Kelley here, he's goin' to take good care of you."

(Kelley draws his gun on Buffalo Soldier.)

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