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A palomino horse with dark legs. Normal speed.

–In-game description

The Highland Chestnut is a horse and transport featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Highland Chestnut is a golden horse with dark legs, a blonde mane, and tail with white running through it. The horse moves at normal speed. Its true color is buckskin, being a golden color with dark points and not having the dorsal stripe or leg barring of the similarly marked, yet genetically different, yellow dun. This two star horse's base price is $250. The game describes it as a palomino, but it is either a golden-dun or a buckskin (which are similar colors). The Highland Chestnut, however, is never these colors. It is either chestnut, dark chestnut, sorrel, or liver chestnut.


  • The Highland Chestnut is actually a dun horse, but back in the western days, horse color standards were not established or recognized, so the horse was considered a buckskin or a palomino with dark legs. The mane is two-toned, with white roots and dark tips, like the dun of a Norwegian Fjord pony.
  • The Highland Chestnut can easily be confused with the Kentucky Saddler as apparent by their very similar golden color and white mane.


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