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Red Dead Redemption
achievement and trophy

Hit the Trail
Description Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.
Gamer Score 10Gamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Hit the Trail is a gameplay achievement and a trophy in Red Dead Redemption.


Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.

Tips and Tricks

  • This achievement requires the player cross the entire length of the gameplay map. Blackwater is located in the extreme north-east corner of the gameplay map, in the Great Plains region of the West Elizabeth territory. Conversely, Escalera is located in the extreme south-west corner of the map, in the Punta Orgullo region of the Nuevo Paraiso territory.
  • Notably, this must be completed in a public Free Roam session. Obstacles could include antagonistic players or posses, so it is vital to ensure the cooperation of all players within the session. Playing in a public Friendly Free Roam session is recommended to reduce the issue of attacks from other players.
  • Sunrise = 6AM, Sunset = 6PM
  • Go to Blackwater, go to the map and place a waypoint at Escalera. Wait until at least 6AM to leave (leave no later than noon). Then just follow the trail, or for a straighter route, take the very first railroad bridge to Mexico.
Crudemap hit the trail

The red dot represents Blackwater, while the blue dot represents Escalera

  • Death has no impact on completing this trophy.
  • Occasionally the trophy may not register if waiting at Blackwater until 6AM and then leaving for the trip. Re-entering Blackwater after 6AM and then leaving should work.
  • It will take approximately 3-6 hours in game time (~8 actual minutes).
  • It helps if the player is high in rank where faster horses are available.
  • There is a bug/glitch for this achievement: if players who are in Blackwater join a posse and transport to a leader in Escalera, when arriving will earn the achievement/trophy.
  • This achievement can't be completed in a private free roam session.

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