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The black American Standardbred

Horse Breeds are distinct genetic groups of horses in Red Dead Redemption.


Each breed of horse possesses different coat patterns and coloration, and varying levels of speed and stamina. Some breeds are also available as poor, inexpensive bargain animals.

Deeds for different horse breeds can be purchased from General Stores located throughout the world. Horses can also be tamed from wild herds or stolen by force or by opportunity. Breaking in new breeds will allow them to be bought at the General Store.

If the player's Honor and Fame is high enough, Marston won't have a bounty if caught stealing a horse.


Note: Mules are covered separately.

Name Color Description Image Speed Health Stamina
American Standardbred Black A solid black horse. One of the three fast horses. American Standard-bred Very Fast Average Average
Ardennais Grullo A grullo with mild red/white highlights in the coat, mane, and tail. Grullo Average Average Average
Cleveland Bay Bay A dark reddish brown horse with black legs, mane and tail. It has a white star on its forehead and white socks up to its pasterns. Bay1 Average Average Average
Dark Horse Black A black horse with apparent bodily scars and a white face (also known as a bald face). IMG 2824 Average High High
Dutch Warmblood Dark Bay A dark brown coloration, almost black. Dbrown Average Average Average
Highland Chestnut Silver Buckskin A golden colored horse with dark brown/black legs and muzzle, the mane and tail are black with frosting (white hair). Buckskin2 Average Average Average
Hungarian Half-bred


A white horse, the mane and tail are a pale white and a blaze is just visible on the forehead. One of the three fast horses. Palappy Fast High

Very High

Infested Ardennais Dark Brown A sickly looking dark brown horse with slow speed. IMG 2802 Slow Low Low
Jaded Tersk Gray A sickly looking gray horse with slow speed. IMG 2794 Slow Low Average
Kentucky Saddler Palomino A golden horse with cream mane and tail. It has a white blaze (wide stripe) on its face and white socks. One of the three fast horses. Palomino1 Fast Average High

Rose Gray

A red roan with mild grey/white highlights in the coat; probably transitioning to gray. Jmridl Average Average Average
Lusitano Nag Light Brown A sickly looking light brown horse with slow speed. Lusitano Nag Saddle Slow Low Average
Painted Quarter Horse Flaxen Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa A flaxen (color of mane/tail) chestnut horse with a white blanket on its rump. Chestappb Average Average Average
Painted Standardbred Bay Blanket Appaloosa A bay horse with white blanket markings on its rump and sides. It has white socks on its legs. Bayapp Average Average Average
Quarter Horse Sorrel A solid reddish brown horse with either a red or flaxen mane and tail. Chestnut Average Average Average
Standardbred Pinto

Chestnut Tovero

A light red chestnut-colored horse with white splash-like markings. Chesnutpaint Average Average Average

Blue Roan

A reddish/white colored horse with a darker face and legs OR a bluish/white horse with darker legs and face, mane and tail, also near black.
WP 20130913 003
Average Average Average
Tobiano Pinto Bay Tobiano A brown horse with white spine markings, black mane and tail with small white mane marks. Baypaint2 Average Average Very High
Turkmen Bay A dark bay horse. Turkmen2 Average Average Average
War Horse


(Also known as Silver Dapple)

A black horse with silvery mane and tail.

RDR WarHorse Screenshot Fast High High
Welsh Mountain Chestnut A reddish brown horse with brighter torso, dark to white legs and glossy tan mane and tail. Chestflaxen Average Average Average


The following achievement is associated with taming horse breeds:

Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

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