(Annie Stoakes, Jack Swift, and Red Harlow enter Governor Griffon's Mansion.)

Annie: That no good governor is gonna be sorry he burned down my ranch once I get through with this fancy house.

Jack: I don't think the governor is going to be in a position to care about much of anything soon.

Annie, (as enemies appear): Keep your head down, boys.

(Annie heads off to search for the governor while Jack and Red take on the enemies. Eventually Red discovers a secret passage, just as three of the Cornet Brothers appear.)

Jack: Right, a secret door, that's the stuff. Probably leads right to the bastard. I'll keep these devils at bay. You see where that passage leads.

(Red heads down the passage, eventually fighting his way to a reunion with Annie.)

Annie: I busted up the place something good. Found the key to the whole place on one of them bluejackets. Still haven't seen hide nor hair of that sneaky governor, though. Let's keep moving, he's got to be around here somewhere.

(After fighting their way through more enemies, Annie opens a door and finds Buffalo Soldier.)

Annie: Hey soldier, you ready to do some fighting?

Buffalo Soldier: Just point me in the right direction, ma'am!

Annie: You two go on and look for the governor. I'm going to stay here and find Mr. Swift.

(Red and Buffalo Soldier enter the governor's office, but find Jason Cornet sitting in the governor's chair.)

Cornet: I'm afraid the governor is otherwise occupied. Next time I suggest you make an appointment. Only, there ain't gonna be no next time.

(Red duels Jason Cornet, killing him, then proceeds on to the roof to find the governor.)

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