Ishmael Raimi
Rdr ishmael raimi
Gender Male
Location New Austin
Affiliations Zombies

Ishmael Raimi is a Multiplayer character featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Ishmael Raimi is a zombie multiplayer character that can be selected in the Zombies section of the Outfitter. All of Ishmael's visible skin is tainted with a sick green color. His outfit consists of a black bowler hat, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled-up, a two-colored vest with black in the back and orange in the front, slacks colored black in the thighs and fades to gray down the leggings, and brown leather dress shoes.


  • Ishmael Raimi may be a reference to the horror film director Sam Raimi.
  • Ishmael's mouth is always open, revealing his rat-like front teeth.
  • There are two gunshot holes (one in and one out) located on Ishmael's bowler hat.
  • Like many of the Zombie multiplayer characters, there are bolters in Undead Nightmare that look just like Ishmael. More specifically, Ishmael's look-a-like can be seen playing the violin during the mission "Get Back in That Hole, Partner".


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