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John Marston Quotes This is a quotes page. Quotes must be typed as they occur in-game, and may have spelling and grammar errors. Before correcting apparent errors, verify how they appear in-game.

These are the list of quotes by or related to Jack Marston.


  • "I'm John Marston's boy!"
  • (Fist fighting) "Jack Marston, remember it!"
  • "My ma would turn in her grave".
  • (After killing someone) "Guess I didn't like the way you look"
  • "Go ahead! I got nothin' to live for anyway!"
  • "Aw, c'mon fellas, I'm just a kid!"
  • (After killing someone) "Not bad for a youngster!"
  • "This ain't gonna end well, friend."
  • (In Mexico) "Give it up, amigo!"
  • "Remember the name Marston?"
  • "My Pa knew Landon Ricketts, friend!"
  • "I grew up with gunslingers, partner!"
  • "I'm sending you straight to hell!"
  • "Somebody taught me well!"
  • (Being attacked by a dog/wolf) "I dont want yer Rabies!"
  • (After killing someone) "You've gone and got yourself killed, friend."
  • "I'm John Marston - Jr."
  • "When you meet my pa in hell, tell him I said hi"
  • "Now do you believe I'm a Marston?"
  • "You're a Joke!"
  • (In Mexico) "So much for my Mexican vacation!"
  • (After killing someone) "This is one of those life or death moments, my friend."
  • (In Mexico) "You're gonna be muerto"
  • (After killing someone) "Yep, I'm a Marston alright."
  • (After killing an animal) "I love natural selection!"
  • (After killing a sheriff) "I hate lawmen more than anything!"
  • (After killing a sheriff) "Y'all killed my Pa!"
  • (After killing a sheriff) "This one's for you Pa."
  • (While shooting on/killing animals) "I used to love animals."
  • (After killing an animal) "If Pa could see me now."
  • (Killing/shooting animal) "Bullseye!"
  • (After killing someone in dead eye) "Did you see that?!
  • (While shooting someone with a machine gun) "Die!"
  • (After killing someone) "Watch and learn!"
  • (After killing someone) "I'm a Marston, fool!"
  • (After killing someone in Dead Eye) "You don't learn that in school."
  • (After killing someone in Dead Eye) "Landon Ricketts eat your heart out."
  • (After killing someone in Dead Eye) "I could do that in my sleep!"
  • "You gonna shoot me or not?"
  • (After killing someone in Dead Eye) "Down they go!"
  • (After throwing a fire bottle) "They want a hoodlum, I'll give them a hoodlum!"
  • (Throwing fire bottle) "Ah, why not!"
  • "This is where you die, Mister!"
  • (After killing a lawman with low honor) "I'm doing the people a favor"
  • (Fighting Mexican gangs;After killing a member of a Mexican gang) "How do you say corpse in Spanish?"


  • "I'm gonna enjoy killing you."
  • "I can't wait to kill you."
  • "Hope you can back that up, partner."
  • "You talk some big words, mister."
  • "Those are big words, my friend."
  • "It would be my pleasure."
  • "You're gonna regret this."


  • "Let me take your coat, madam."
  • "Ugh. This one reeks."
  • "Now for the nasty part."
  • (When skinning a horse) "This what I've become? A horse killer?"
  • "Should be able to sell this..."
  • "This should fetch a good price."
  • "Just like you showed me, pa!"
  • "And pa said I wasn't a hunter!"


  • "Jack's gettin' an automobile!"
  • "Oh my good lord!"
  • "I don't believe it!"
  • "Haha! I'm rich!"
  • "What do we got here?"


  • "Work, ya damn nag!"
  • "C'mon! Faster!"
  • "Let's slow down."
  • "Faster! Faster!"
  • "Let's go! Let's go!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Easy, boy! Great."
  • "Whoa whoa whoa, whoa."
  • "Yihaa!"
  • "Stop dilly-dallyin' and work!"
  • "Whoa, boy! Easy!"
  • "Come on, ya dumb nag, work!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Well done! Easy!"
  • "Faster!"
  • "Whoa!"
  • "C'mon!"
  • "C'mon, slow down!"
  • "Gitty Up"
  • "Slow up now."
  • "Slow down, goooooooooooood"
  • "Let's get going!"


  • "Only the best, sir."
  • "That'll keep me going."
  • "That'll do me for now."
  • "Thank you very much."
  • "That's about it."
  • "That's all I got."
  • "Its nice to have a little money in the pocket".
  • "I wish I had more for you."
  • "I can't buy the whole store"

Putting hogtied person on horse

  • "I'll try to ride slow."
  • "You comfortable?"
  • "Horse, meet idiot."
  • "It's the only way to travel."
  • "Stay there and don't annoy the horse."
  • "Ah! Thank God for that!"
  • "Enjoy the ride."
  • "We're going on a little journey."
  • "I'm gonna enjoy this!"
  • "You'll enjoy this. I promise"
  • "Don't fall off now."
  • "You're going on a little ride."
  • "Agh! You got someone else in there?"
  • "It's gonna be a bumpy ride."

Greeting Mexican NPCs

  • "Uhh... Hola. Sorry, no hablo español."
  • (hesitantly) "Si, buenos señor."
  • (hesitantly) "Si, hola hombre."
  • (hesitantly) "Como son señora."
  • "Hola lady"


  • "Somethin' don't feel right here..."
  • (When running out of ammo)"I thought I had more than that".
  • "Man, this place is deserted..."
  • "Where is everybody?"
  • "Think I read about that in a book once."
  • "'Course, Pa. Everyone knows about that."
  • "That was fun. Can we do it again?"
  • "(When bumping into a lawman with low honor) "Oh look, another dumb lawman."
  • (Bumping into a lawman with low honor) " I wish I could say that was a mistake."
  • (Talking to a lawman with low honor) "Why don't you shove that badge up your ass, see if it makes you smile!"
  • (Talking to a lawman with low honor) "Oooh, look at the big bad lawman!"
  • "I better get inside." (When raining)
  • "Always rains when you don't want it to." (When raining)
  • "Oh, come on!" (When raining)
  • "Try flyin' now". (After shooting a bird)
  • (After committing a crime) "What have I become?"
  • "Bye, birdie!" (After shooting a bird)
  • (Using melee knife against aggressive animals) "I feel like a Musketeer!"
  • (Using melee knife against aggressive animals) "I'm gonna skin you like an elk!"
  • "Oh God!" (If shoved by John Marston when you head home to see your family)
  • (When someone folds while playing poker) "Someone forget to bring their balls."
  • "Sorry, my feathered friend." (After shooting a bird)
  • "Come down here." (After shooting a bird)
  • (When killing a horse) "Why the long face? Heh heh."
  • "You think I care about the law?"
  • (After killing a dog) "Aw, I'm sorry boy."
  • (After killing a dog) "I guess I just miss Rufus."
  • "I don't need any crotchrot right now, Thanks!"
  • "You're doin' terrible things to my hormones, miss!"
  • "You're a picture of masculinity, ma'am."
  • "You got me feeling all funny inside"
  • "You must've been in your prime when I was only knee high."
  • "You'd better have a personality."
  • "I'd give anything to be that petticoat right now."
  • "What do you say you and me? I've always liked an older woman."
  • "I could bring a smile to your face."
  • "You taught me well Pa"
  • (When bumping into a female NPC) "Stupid woman!"
  • (When bumping into a female NPC) "My apologizes, ma'am."
  • (When stealing a mount/cart) "Sorry, friend. My father was a killer, nothing more!."
  • (When lassoing someone) "I just wanna talk!"
  • (When shooting a man attacking a prostitute) "Stop that! Get away from her!"
  • (Shooting a horse) "I used to love animals."
  • (With low honor) "My God! Your father must've beaten you!"
  • (After killing a dog) "That didn't feel good."
  • (When getting to a mounted gun) "This is gonna be fun!"
  • (Hitting someone with a gun) "I'm gonna teach you a lesson about looking out!"
  • (When slitting the throat of a hogtied person) "Sorry. I was raised bad."
  • (When slitting the throat of a hogtied person) "It's kill or be killed, friend."
  • (When slitting the throat of a hogtied person) "I had a bad role model."
  • (When slitting the throat of a hogtied woman) "I wasn't always like this, miss."
  • (When slitting the throat of a hogtied person) "Who's next?"
  • (When slitting the throat of a hogtied person) "I guess I am my father's son."
  • (Hogtying a woman) "And they say romance is dead."
  • (Bumping into NPC) "Sorry! I was miles away!"
  • (Failing mission) "That was NEVER gonna work!"
  • (Lassoing someone) "How do you like that?"
  • (Manning a Cannon) "I never had any toys as a kid."

Paying Bounties

  • "Name's Marston, Jack, not John."
  • "This is to clear my name."
  • "Maybe now I can do my business without the law chasin' me."
  • "I'm here to clean my record."

Looting Bodies

  • (When looting a woman) "I'm so sorry miss."
  • (When looting a woman) "What have I become?"
  • (When looting a woman) "There goes the last of my innocence".
  • "Might as well be me mister."
  • (When looting a woman) "No wonder I'm alone."
  • "What have you got for me?"
  • "It's no wonder I've got problems..."
  • "Just a quick look."
  • "You won't be needing this."
  • "I'm sorry, mister."
  • "Hmm. Let's see."

Talking to prostitutes

  • "I'm trying to be a good boy, miss".
  • "I don't need to pay for it, lady."
  • "I'll pay for it when I'm old!"
  • "I really wasn't raised this way, ma'am".
  • "My mama would turn in her grave".
  • (When speaking to a prostitute with low honor) "They tell me I'm at my sexual peak, sweetheart."
  • "You're doing terrible things to my hormones, miss."
  • (When speaking to a prostitute with low honor)I hope you're as aroused as I am.
  • "Sorry ma'am, I ain't interested."
  • "What would Pa say about this?"
  • (When speaking to a prostitute with low honor) "I hope you like it rough."

Going After Bounty Targets


  • "You call yourself a man?"
  • "You're one pitiful excuse for a man."
  • "You ever been beaten by a teenager before?"
  • "I don't whether to call you mister or misses."
  • "Are you always this stupid? We're making a special effort today."
  • "Why don't you just walk away mister."
  • "Must be hard being you mister."
  • "You got one of those annoyoing faces, now move before it annoy's me anymore."
  • "You're an embarrassment to mankind."
  • "Does your mama know you're out this late?"
  • "Hahaha Did your ma drop you on your head when you was a baby?"
  • "I might be young but I know a fake when I see one."
  • "Hahaha Don't be scared mister I won't hurt you."
  • "Don't they have special homes for people like you these days?"
  • "I could drop you with one hand behind my back."
  • "I bet even the whores turned you down."
  • "Look at this the circus is in town."
  • "Boy you must be one happy man."
  • "Your wife must be one ugly woman."
  • "My God! Your father must have beaten you."
  • "You know who my father was?"
  • "I'm a Marston, Damnit!"

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