Hold it right there, outlaw!
This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details.

We get all kinds around here, but they all bleed red. He shoulda' stuck to killin' moose.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Jacques Markus is a character in Red Dead Revolver.


Jacques Markus is a Canadian who is wanted by the Northwest Mounted Police for assassinating claim-holders and stealing their gold. He wears a coonskin hat and leggings.


The player does not directly interact with Jacques, only encountering him as a distant enemy. As with many NPCs in Red Dead Revolver, Jacques is more of a character type than a specific individual and several versions of him are encountered.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

This character is not available in Showdown Mode.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Jacques is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 118 - 119 under the Outlaws in Twelve States section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing the Hammer and Anvil.

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