(Red Harlow and Buffalo Soldier are captive in a jail cell together.)

Buffalo Solider: "It's been a week since General Diego captured me. I don't know nothin' about bounty huntin', but I been a slave once and I ain't gonna never do it again."

(Shadow Wolf shows up outside the cell.)

Shadow Wolf: Cousin Red?

Red: Shadow Wolf?

Shadow Wolf: I knew I'd find you. The blood bond between us is strong.

Buffalo Soldier: I'll go to Brimstone. I'll have the cavalry here in no time.

Shadow Wolf: Go fast, soldier. Unless we separate we will have no chance for escape. I will go this way and meet you at Diego's fort.

(The three go their separate ways.)

(Later, Red frees Katie O'Grady from a different jail cell.)

Katie: Thanks. Maybe you can use this key that one of the guards left behind. I think it opens the door that leads up to the fort.

(Red takes the key and heads out.)

(Red has entered the lounge area and is confronted by three enemies ready to duel - Sergio, Ennio, and Private Eli Hanson.)

Sergio: Finally! We've just been killing time since Mr. Kelley made us guard this hole in the ground. But it looks like things are picking up ... that's bad luck for you stranger.

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