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Jarred Vaughan is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.

Description Edit

Jarred Vaughan is one of the Miner characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is unlocked upon reaching Multiplayer Level 2.


  • "Ain't no need to get spooked; I'm just a mean son-of-a-bitch!"
  • "I've been a long rider all my life, and I can prove it!"
  • "It's mighty white of me to warn 'ya, that you don't wanna' fight me!"
  • "I like fightin' a man 'til he airs the poach like he'd been drinkin'!"
  • "I ain't afraid of no string party, how 'bout you?"
  • "I like huntin' a fool that kicks like a bay steer!"
  • "What are 'ya plum scared-a me? You should be!"
  • "Hey! You look like a crow bait! Are 'ya?"
  • "Ain't no need for no shenanigans. Come and fight me!"
  • "I can go see a man about a horse, or hurt somebody!"
  • "I just like boogerin' folks wherever I go, how 'bout it!"
  • "Straight truth is, anybody touch my tricks is dead!"


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