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Keifer the Wolf
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Keifer the Wolf is a rare animal found in Red Dead Redemption. He can only be found in the Liars and Cheats DLC while playing in Free Roam on the Rio del Lobo hunting ground. He appears after all waves of wolves have been killed, and is typically accompanied by 2-5 regular wolves.


Keifer can take a large amount of damage, even from high powered weapons like the Semi-auto Shotgun or the Buffalo Rifle. It is advised to stock up on ammo before attempting the Rio del Lobo hunting grounds.


  • The name Keifer is most likely a reference to actor Kiefer Sutherland, who portrays the character Bob Wolverton in the film 1996 "Freeway". The plot of the film is largely based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Sutherland also plays Doc in Young Guns and Young Guns 2.
  • Keifer uses the same model as Lobo the Wolf.
  • Keifer is actually the toughest animal in the game. Even tougher than Famine, Death and War.

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