The Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear is a rare species of animal found in Red Dead Redemption 2.


This bear is larger than any other that has been spotted in the region. The distinctive scars across its face and body make this creature easily identifiable. As an omnivore, its diet ranges from berries, roots, and grasses to deer, elk, fish and carrion. Long range weapons like a long scope rifle, or a Bow with Improved Arrows, will give you the advantage when hunting this animal.

Killing this animal will give the player the opportunity to craft the rare Bear Claw Talisman, the Legendary Bear Head Hat, the Legendary Bear Roper, and the Legendary Bear Coat.


The Legendary Bharati is endemic to O'Creagh's Run, in the Grizzlies East.


Use a long scope rifle for a clean kill. Alternatively since you don't have to worry about damaging Legendary pelts, explosive rifle ammo makes very fast work of the bear



Item Price Recipe
Legendary Bear Head Hat $40.00 Legendary Bear Pelt,
Legendary Bear Roper $34.00 Legendary Bear Pelt, Perfect Bull Hide
Legendary Bear Coat $28.00 Legendary Bear Pelt, Perfect Bison Pelt

These are part of The Bear Hunter Garment Set.


Item Price Requires Type Effect
Bear Claw Talisman $34.75 Silver Chain Bracelet, Quartz Chunk, Legendary Bear Claw Health Lowers the drain speed of your Health Core by 10%


100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% completion.

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