(John finds Seth searching the bodies at the Tumbleweed cemetery.)

Seth: (Talking to the bodies) Oh, it's like that is it? Huh, not talking to Seth today? The old silent treatment! Oh... that's quite a stench.

Marston: Hey, Seth! Seth, come back here!

Seth: Oh hey, partner, I was just looking for ya.

Marston: Looking for me? What, over there?

Seth: How ya doing?

Marston: I'm good.

Seth: Well... see ya later, partner.

Marston: Where you going, partner?

Seth: Nowhere.

Marston: Okay. Nowhere wouldn't happen to be where that thing you're looking for is kept, would it?

Seth: No, sir. No, sir.

Marston: Come on, partner.

Seth: Okay, I was just foolin', partner. Ya know the thought of that treasure does some funny things to me. According to the map, it's somewhere in that big abandoned house.

(They start walking but enemies appear suddenly)

Seth: The bastards followed me here!

Treasure Hunter: Thanks for all the hard work, Seth! Now kill 'em, boys!

Seth: Did you see these fellas?

Marston: Dubious as they looked, I figured they must be with you!

Seth: You gotta go now! It's our last chance! You gotta find that treasure for me. Please, I'm beggin' you.

(The pair try the front door of the mansion and find it locked.

Marston: Damn, this one's locked. Let's check the back.

(Going in through the basement, Marston and Seth fight their way to the treasure. Seth finds the chest.)

Seth: (Euphoric) Yeee Hooo! Finally, I see the light at the end of this very long, long tunnel. Seth's gonna be rich after all these years...(starts doing a prospector's jig) It's silk sheets and Parisian whores from now on, mister!

(He breaks the lock off and opens it)

Seth: (Disbelieving) What the goddamn hell is this? A glass eye?

Marston: (Laughs) I'm sure whoever that belonged to treasured it very much.

Seth: (Growing increasingly hysterical) Stupid liars...with their stupid chicken-shit maps! Making a damn fool of me. A glass eye! It's a glass eye!

Marston: Stop with the tears and help me with Williamson's gang. Then you can come up with another excuse to go exhume one of your old friends.

Seth: Hunting dead men's treasure ain't done me no favors. Sure. Sure, I'm ready for the living. I'll see you and Mr. West Dickens over at Fort Mercer when you gentlemen is ready.