(John Marston finds Landon Ricketts playing a game of Poker at the cantina in Chuparosa)

The Stranger: I fold.

Manolo Santander: No tengo nada. (I have nothing)

Landon Ricketts: Gentlemen, gentlemen, I thank you. Oh yeah. Hey, Mr. Marston. How you keeping, sir?

John Marston: Just fine, thank you. And you?

Ricketts: Very well, sir. Thank God my wife died. Unlucky in love, lucky in cards. Garçon (boy), champagne for everyone!

Andreas Müller: Keep playing, Mr. Ricketts.

Ricketts: Oh I'm sorry, Herr Müller. I'll keep playing you in servitude for the rest of your life on earth, if that makes you happy! Yes, I shall indeed, sir.

Müller: Well then, your deal.

Ricketts: Marston, would you like to join us?

Marston: I don't think so, I'm just going to have a drink.

Ricketts: Oh come on, sit down, sit down.

Marston: Okay then, gentlemen.

Müller: Na mach schon! (Well, come on!) What convenient timing for a friend to join, Mr. Ricketts. I'll be watching you.

Ricketts: Müller, we might have to send you off prospecting for more silver soon.

Müller: Not for me.

Ricketts: Mr. Marston, I hope you realise you're in the presence of one of the keenest German minds in all of Mexico.

(A game of poker commences, and Marston ends up winning)

Ricketts: Look at that, a little beginner's luck. I'll take a whisky, if you're buying, Müller. You know what I always say, Müller: if you find yourself in a hole, it's best to stop digging.

(The game continues, and Marston wins the next hand as well)

Müller: You fucking cheat!

Marston: Excuse me?

Müller: You fucking looked at my fucking cards, you fucking cheat.

Ricketts: Now, Herr Muller, let's calm down. There must be some mistake.

Müller: There is no mistake. Your Yankee friend here is a fucking cheat.

Marston: Easy there, Germany. Calm yourself down.

Müller: Oh yeah... you know exactly what you did.

Marston: Yeah, I know exactly what I did, friend, which was nothing. Now I'd prefer it if we could all play a friendly game and no one get hurt.

Müller: You, you planted this guy, Ricketts.

Ricketts: Now, why would I do that? I've already beaten you. Now, calm down and let's finish the game.

Müller: There is no more card game.

(Müller draws his gun, causing everyone else in the cantina to draw against each other)

Ricketts: Ease up there, friend.

Müller: There must be a name for this.

Ricketts: An impasse, sir. An impasse. We can all die, here and now.

Müller: I'm not fighting you, Ricketts. But the Yankee. Him I don't like.

Ricketts: He's done you no harm, Müller.

Müller: He's done me no good, either. Outside, winner takes the pot.

Ricketts: The winner will take what he wants. The other man, will be in no position to argue.

Müller: Sanchez will be my second.

Marston: As you wish, Germany. As you wish.

(The group dissipates as Marston and Müller move to duel)

Ricketts: Walk with me, John. I want to make sure you know how this is gonna work. A duel is all about timing. If you pull your gun too soon, you'll be less accurate. After you draw, pick your shots carefully, like I showed you. Once you've picked your marks, the rest, my friend, is in the hands of fate.

Müller: Come on, Yankee! I am a busy man.

Ricketts: As soon as he draws, put him down!

Müller: You should have stayed home, Yankee!

(Marston defeats Müller in a duel)

Ricketts: (laughing) Old Müller always did play his cards too early. Come on, we've earned ourselves a drink. I think Mr. Müller is buying.

(Marston and Ricketts sit down with their drinks)

Marston: Your health.

(The Stranger returns, holding a young woman at gunpoint)

The Stranger: You! The man they call Marston, sí! (yes!) You like killing? Watch me cut her throat.

Marston: Nice friends you got here, Mr. Ricketts.

The Stranger: Tú y yo, (you and I) Marston. Eh, peleamos ahora, eh? (Hey, we fight now, eh?) We fight now!

(Marston duels The Stranger, killing him. However, a group of banditos attack)

Ricketts: God, can't a man drink in peace? Come on, smoke these bastards up!

(Marston and Ricketts eliminate the banditos)

Ricketts: Well, I think we can safely say this poker game is over.

(After the shootout, Marston and Ricketts regroup near the cantina)

Ricketts: Well, I must say, you tourists certainly bring peace and prosperity to this land. Then again, I doubt Müller will be missed.

Marston: He wasn't much of a poker player.

(Marston and Ricketts tip their hats and part ways)

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