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Lucy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Lucy is a horse owned by Jeb Blankenship. Jeb is deeply in love with her.


In the Stranger side-mission "Who Are You to Judge?", Marston must retrieve Lucy for Jeb.


  • Lucy appears to be a Dutch Warmblood.
  • Jeb later married Lucy, according to a newspaper in 1914. Oddly, no one attended the ceremony. The newspaper article can also be seen before the Stranger task is started.
  • If Marston begins to ride Lucy after the mission is over, Jeb will shout "Lucy!" and he and the Unnamed Woman will become hostile and start shooting at you, also causing a Mission Failed notice show up, even though the misson was completed properly.
  • Jeb's relationship with Lucy could be an Easter egg about the play Equus where the main character, Alan, falls in love with a horse.
  • Shooting Lucy will cause Jeb and the unnamed woman to become hostile.
  • After completing "Who Are You to Judge", riding and hitching Lucy will cause Jeb to mount the player's old horse.
  • Lucy is actually a unique horse, as she is only obtainable through stealing and hitching her. She does not appear in the wilderness. 

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