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Red Dead Redemption
achievement and trophy

Man of Honor/Chivalry’s Dead
Rdr man honor chivalry's dead
Description Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank.
Gamer Score 25Gamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Man of Honor/Chivalry’s Dead is a gameplay achievement/trophy in Red Dead Redemption.


Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank."


  • As the official description says, the player must reach either extreme of the Honor ranking system, while simultaneously holding the highest Fame rating. Players raise or lower their honor level by completing activities, ambient challenges, stranger missions, and gameplay missions.
  • To acquire easy fame, the player can start a poker game (take one of the cheap ones, like in MacFarlane's Ranch, where the buy-ins are only $10), cheat (this requires the Elegant Suit) and make sure that the player is called out (move it to the red zone). This will cause a duel. The player receives 50 fame for winning, and if disarming the opponent, the player will gain honor and also will receive 50 more fame, giving you a total of 100 fame points
  • A very easy method to gain this is to just let rip on the law without a bandana, as killing lawmen rewards fame and negative honor; you can earn this simply by going on a killing spree.

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