Manteca Falls (or Lard Falls) is a location featured in Red Dead Redemption in the Hennigan's Stead region of the New Austin territory.


Part of the San Luis River, is a waterfall just west of Butter Bridge between eastern Hennigan's Stead and Diez Coronas. Many wolves tend to be within this and Butter Bridge area especially with the use of "bait". A container with cash can be found at the end of the ledge leading to Manteca Falls, on the Mexican side of the river, right next to the falling water.


  • "Manteca" is Spanish for "lard" (animal fat) and is commonly mis-translated as 'Butter', possibly related to the nearby Butter Bridge.
  • It is possible to find dead bodies dumped on the cliff next to the waterfall.
  • A potential glitch, sometimes when the player stands on the very edge of the north side of the cliff (in America), music that is normally used in Nuevo Paraiso will play, despite the fact that the game still registers the player as being in America (bounties obtained in New Austin will still be retained).
  • Manteca Falls can be seen from the highest point of Rio Del Lobo, and from the top of the western slope leading to the shack on Lake Don Julio.



The discovery of locations in Red Dead Redemption count towards the following Trophies/Achievements:

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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