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There are multiple characters with the surname Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

  • John Marston - Born in 1873. Father of John Marston Jr. and an unnamed daughter. Son of unknown Scottish-American man and unknown prostitute. Husband of Abigail Marston. Died in 1911.
  • Abigail Marston - Mother of John Marston Jr. and an unnamed daughter. Daughter of two unknown parents. Wife of John Marston. Died in 1914.
  • John Marston Jr. - Son of John and Abigail Marston. Older brother of unnamed Marston daughter. Goes by the nickname "Jack".
  • Unnamed Marston Daughter - Daughter of John and Abigail. Younger sister of John Marston Jr. Died of fever prior to 1911.
  • Unnamed Scottish Male - Father of John. Died in 1881.
  • Unnamed Female Prostitute - Mother of John. Died in 1873 during childbirth.