I had a daughter, but she died.

John Marston talking to Bonnie MacFarlane

Marston daughter is a minor, deceased character mentioned in Red Dead Redemption.


Marston daughter is the deceased daughter of John Marston and his wife, Abigail. She is briefly mentioned in the Bonnie MacFarlane mission "Women and Cattle", the Luisa Fortuna mission "Father Abraham", and indirectly in "The Gates of El Presidio" by Javier Escuella.

She passed away prior to the events of Red Dead Redemption. She died of an unknown type of fever, as stated by John. Not much is known about her, aside from the fact that she was still alive in 1906 and died sometime between 1908 and 1911.[1] It is also unknown as to where she was buried, as there are no gravestones bearing her name at any of the cemeteries in-game.


She is never seen in-game, nor can her grave be found. She is only being mentioned in dialogue between John, Bonnie, and Luisa. Her first name is never mentioned at any point and is unknown.


  • During "The Gates of El Presidio", Javier indirectly mentions her by saying, "I hope you and your wife and children rot in hell!" This gives a time frame in which she died, falling between when John left the gang and when he lived at Beecher's Hope.


  1. In Women and Cattle, John says "I had a daughter but she died. Years before that I rode in a gang." This narrows down the timeline of her death even more. As it is known that John left the gang in 1906 and mentions a gap of "years" in between his daughter's death and his time as an outlaw. Using this information, she had to have passed away sometime in the years of 1908-1911 for John's statement to be correct.