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Nuevo Paraíso (English: New Paradise) is one of three major territories featured in Red Dead Redemption and comprises the entire presence of Mexico within the game.

Nuevo Paraiso

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Nuevo Paraíso is the northern part of Mexico, separated from the United States by the San Luis River along the northern border. During this time, Mexico was in the early stages of an armed revolution, led by Abraham Reyes.

Nuevo Paraíso is composed of three smaller regions, Punta Orgullo, Perdido, and Diez Coronas.

It is the second region John Marston travels to during the main storyline and it is unlocked by the mission "We Shall Be Together in Paradise".

The name 'Nuevo Paraíso' may be based on that of the Mexican border state of Nuevo León. Meanwhile, the state itself takes elements from the western border states Chihuahua, Sonora and Baja California.

Locations in Nuevo Paraíso

The following is an alphabetical list of the 31 locations found in Nuevo Paraíso:

Punta Orgullo


Diez Coronas


  • Nuevo Paraíso is referred to as a province many times in the storyline. In reality, Mexico lacks provinces and its administrative regions are called states instead.
  • On the eastern side of Nuevo Paraíso, the landscape resembles Monument Valley.
  • Nuevo Paraíso is the only large territory that has no snow, as New Austin has snow in the area just north of MacFarlane's Ranch, while West Elizabeth has snow in Tall Trees.
  • After crossing a bridge between New Austin and Nuevo Paraíso, the game may still recognize the player as being in the territory that was just left (music from that territory will still be playing, bounties will still be obtained). Only after progressing a certain distance will the name of the region appear, and the player will be recognized as being in the new territory. Some players have reported that the game still recognized the player as being in Mexico after crossing Butter Bridge as far as just outside of MacFarlane's Ranch. This may be a developer oversight, or just a bug in the programming. A similar issue happens sometimes when going from New Austin to West Elizabeth.
  • Duelists in Nuevo Paraíso have a different dueling animation than in New Austin and West Elizabeth.


Early Access to Nuevo Paraíso (patched)

  • There is a bug which allows the player to reach Nuevo Paraíso prematurely. It is very similar to the trick that will land the player in West Elizabeth, but it is far more challenging. The player must travel to Frontera Bridge, a railway bridge connecting Nuevo Paraíso and New Austin. Before approaching the bridge, the player should save the game progress as multiple attempts may be needed. The player must then walk across the bridge without falling into the water, where a pile of railroad ties will be blocking the path. The player must very carefully climb over the wood and walk to the very end of the bridge. At the end of the tracks, a display reading "Punta Orgullo" will appear. The hardest aspect of reaching Nuevo Paraíso is now apparent, as the player can get arrested here. The player must ensure that U.S. lawmen do not arrest the player here, as they will take the player back to the United States. So, in order for this to work, the player must somehow get the attention of the Mexican lawmen. The best strategy is to draw a long-range weapon such as a rifle or repeater and wait for civilians to come along on the opposite shore. When the target is spotted, begin shooting eradically and eyewitnesses should begin to appear. The eyewitnesses will alert the Mexican lawmen, who will eventually arrive near the player's location. In order for the Mexican lawmen to arrest the player, they will have to get close to the player's location - meaning the player must somehow lure them onto the opposite side of Frontera Bridge without getting shot. This can be done, but it requires a great deal of patience. When the Mexican lawmen finally make the arrest, the player will be transported to Escalera, finally taking them into Nuevo Paraíso.
  • Getting back to New Austin is also challenging. Auto-saving the game's progress and dying will cause the player to be sent to New Austin. However, if the player saves the game in Nuevo Paraíso, the only way back is to return to Frontera Bridge and jump it while on horseback or, much more simply, ride the train over to America. Before attempting the jump, it is recommended that the player save the game due to the high risk of making a mistake or dying. If the player manages to jump the bridge, they must get off the horse and climb back over the pile of wood, allowing the player to return to New Austin.

Because this exploit is so difficult, it is not recommended for everyone, unless one is desperate for a fun time in Mexico. As of the Title Update 1.02, this trick no longer works. Of course, clearing the system cache will get around this problem (see West Elizabeth page).

  • Another, much easier way to get to Mexico is to go to the New Austin side of Ramita de la Baya, a bridge east of Plainview. Go to the bridge's edge, and the game will think the player is in Nuevo Paraíso. Next, place a waypoint just under Chuparosa, set up camp and fast-travel to the waypoint. If done correctly, the player will then be in Nuevo Paraíso. To get back to New Austin, the player can go to edge of the same bridge and set up another camp. It should say that the player is setting up camp on the American side of the bridge, allowing the player to simply leave the camp and appear back in New Austin. Unfortunately, this trick, like the one above, no longer works due to the Title Update 1.02.

A similar way to get to Mexico is via Frontera Bridge and this works in the GOTY version. Be sure to save nearby before walking to the end of the bridge on the right side; "Punta Orgullo" will pop up. The game now thinks the player is in Mexico and the music should also change although it may take a few minutes before the music change is noticed. The player can walk a short distance away from the bridge without 'leaving' Mexico due to the ill-defined border. Now, turn around and walk back along the bridge; when the first land appears slide down the slope: this slope can be lethal but usually it's safe and there is a slim possibility that a horse could make it down alive. Make camp at the small flat area to the left of the track in front of the bushes. When the camp is left, the game will place the player on the Mexican side of the river. Another similar variant is to run the horse off of the bridge (being careful not to fall off) at the first railroad tie pyle and repeat the above steps but it isn't necessary: the method above without killing the horse and using the Ramita de la Baya bridge when it's time to return both work very effectively in the GOTY version.

To get back to New Austin just go to the middle of the Ramita de la Baya bridge until 'Rio Bravo' appears at the top of the screen then set up camp from the satchel and the player will be back in New Austin.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to all this. For example, some of the items sold in shops will be unavailable for purchase because progress through the main storyline must be made to unlock them. The following items cannot be purchased upon arrival in Mexico: Bolt Action Rifle, Semi-automatic Pistol, LeMat Revolver, Fire Bottles, Dynamite, Throwing Knives, and all three mule deeds. On the other hand, the Semi-auto Shotgun can still be purchased and the deed to the Hungarian Half-Bred once it has been broken may also be purchased. Other drawbacks include: inability to place waypoints in certain locations like El Presidio, and the inability to raid gang hideouts like Nosalida.

  • You can also enter Nuevo Paraíso early using the "Stagecoach Boat Glitch" although this might be difficult to do and you might get stuck in the river or fall of the stagecoach.



Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.

Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida hideouts in singleplayer.

Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul hideouts in singleplayer.

Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.

Gold Ps3 gold trophy
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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