Mummies are new enemies in Red Dead Redemption, added by the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.



Mummies are enemies that appear alongside the Undead in Red Dead Redemption. The mummies only appear in the Escalera Catacombs. They are long-dead Aztecs who were sacrificed during an ancient period. They are beyond recognition of gender; they are just shambling grayish creatures.


John Marston encounters the mummies along with many of the Undead during the last storyline mission of Undead Nightmare. Mummies will occasionally fall from the walls. They shamble along towards the player. Mummies move like Undead, but they move around a fair bit, giving the player a hard time trying to snag a headshot. They are also faster than other undead.


  • They emerge mainly from the Crypts in the walls instead of just rising up from the ground.
  • Mummies are gray in color with red eyes.
  • Mummies will often try to grapple the player.
  • Apart from Undead Animals, these are the only type of Undead that you do not have to kill with Death to unlock the other deeds for the Four Horses of The Apocalypse challenge rank five.

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