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Nate Harlow is a central character featured in Red Dead Revolver.


After discovering gold in Bear Mountain with his partner Griff, Nate and Griff had a pair of pistols made called the Scorpion Revolvers and went their separate ways. He returned home to his wife Falling Star and his son Red. He gives his old pistol to Red, who tests out his new pistol. Not long after, a group of bandits, led by Colonel Daren attack their home. Nate and Red fight bravely, killing all of the attackers except Daren and two others, but it was in vain. Nate and Falling Star are killed by Daren himself. Red, however, escapes after wounding Colonel Daren.


Nate is seen in "Bull's Eye", where he gives Red his old pistol, and later is killed alongside his wife in a fight against Daren.

He is also seen in a flashback in "Battle Finale" when Red remembers his talk with Nate about the Scorpion Revolvers.

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Red Dead RevolverEdit


  • After playing a match with Nate, the card that shows the player's score will show Nate without his hat.
  • He is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Memories of the Past section.


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