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(John Marston finds a wagon with a wounded Nigel West Dickens lying nearby)

John Marston: Excuse me. Excuse me, sir, you need help? Mister, you alive?

Nigel West Dickens: Bugger fuck! Goddammit! Good heavens!

Marston: Excuse me?

West Dickens: I said, no, I'm not okay. Do I look like I'm okay?

Marston: You look pretty good for a corpse.

West Dickens: Praise be.

Marston: Move up, mister. Time to get you to a doctor, or an undertaker, whichever you need once we get to town.

West Dickens: St. Peter, open up them pearly gates... I'm coming home!

Marston: Come on, mister. Come on.

(Marston helps West Dickens into the wagon)

West Dickens: Hurry, sir. I'm bleeding like a badly butchered hog.

Marston: You'll be fine. Just focus.

West Dickens: You better take the reins. I don't think I'm strong enough. I'm finished! Done for!

Marston: Just sit up straight, will you?

(Marston climbs on to the wagon as well and begins to ride)

West Dickens: Head for Armadillo, friend! What is your name, friend?

Marston: John Marston.

West Dickens: Oh, good god! Out of the frying pan into the fire!

Marston: Excuse me?

West Dickens: How many outlaws can a man encounter in one day?

Marston: You must have me mistaken with somebody else, friend.

West Dickens: The Bollard Twins, Walton's Gang. I know who you are.

(Unafilliated Criminals begin attacking the wagon on horseback)

West Dickens: Good lord! It's those scoundrels once again!

(Marston kills the attacking outlaws)

West Dickens: Please drive carefully. Every bump is like getting struck by lightning.

(Marston kills more attacking outlaws)

Nigel: Excellent work, sir. Push on to Armadillo!

(Marston and West Dickens arrive in Armadillo)

West Dickens: Death, I embrace you!

Marston: For chrissakes, man. You're going to be fine. We're nearly there.

Nigel: Take me into your arms...

Marston: You need more than a doctor, my friend.

(Marston stops outside the clinic of Dr. Nathanial Johnston, and helps West Dickens out of the wagon)

Marston: This is it. You're going to make it.

West Dickens: Ugghh... Where the devil are we?

Marston: Armadillo. We made it safe, you'll be happy to know.

West Dickens: Thank you, sir, thank you. You're a gentleman and a, a true man of honour.

Marston: Coming from you, I doubt that means much.... but I appreciate the civility.

West Dickens: I owe you, sir, and I always pay my debts. Jesus... But if I die, I'm sorry for it. If not, I'll be your man, for... for...

Marston: Let's get you fixed up first. Then we'll decide what you're my man for.

(West Dickens enters the doctor's office, Marston walks off)

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