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Outlaw II - Outlaw Gang Challenges are part of the Multiplayer challenges. Challenges are available and can be completed in public or private matches. This challenge becomes available at level 25.


Rank Challenge Reward/Title
Rank 1 Form a posse of 2 or more and all posse members must gain a bounty of at least $1000. 250 Xp
Mild Bunch
Rank 2 Form a posse of 2 or more and all posse members must gain a bounty of at least $2500. 250 Xp
Motley Crew
Rank 3 Form a posse of 2 or more and all posse members must gain a bounty of at least $7500.

250 Xp
Wild Bunch


Probably the best way to do these challenges is to bring the player's posse to El Presidio and use the cannons/gatling guns. The safest way to do this is to have one person on the front gatling gun and a person on the cannon in the rear of the fort. Bring 2-4 guys, and if two players get to the bounty amount, break off into a posse of 2 for a second to get the reward then join back with the former posse.

An easy way to get all 3 challenges at once is to go to Rathskeller Fork and get on top of the saloon facing the eastern entrance, bringing the Henry Repeater and the LeMat Revolver is advisable because the lawmen usually drop Repeater and Revolver ammo. Gain a bounty in whatever way you can and lawmen will keep coming through the two gates, most often through the east gate. If the player runs out of ammo, just take cover and wait for the wanted sign to fade away, collect the ammo the lawmen dropped and start over. Once the player racks up a $15,000 bounty, form a new posse. If the other posse member is rank 25 or more, they will complete the challenge as well. The challenges should unlock without both members having the bounty.

PS3: A possible glitch that completes the challenges is to gain a bounty of $7,500, then form a posse. If this does not complete all three challenges, try kicking out the posse members. I got the first two ranks by gaining a bounty over $2,500 then adding a posse member. I got the 3rd rank with only myself having an approximate $7,600 bounty and kicking out the posse member.

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