Outlaw II - Public Enemy Killer Challenges are part of the in game Multiplayer challenges. Challenges are available and can be completed in public or private matches. Becomes available at level 25.


Rank Challenge Reward/Title
Rank 1 Kill A Public Enemy Player. 250 Xp
Rank 2 Kill 5 Public Enemy Players. 250 Xp
Rank 3 Kill 25 Public Enemy Players.

250 Xp

Tips and Tricks

  • By far the fastest and easiest way to complete this challenge is to meet with friends at the entrance of Pike's Basin. That is where a respawn point is and after that player dies, they will respawn within a few feet of you, no longer needing to run around to find them again. Also after killing a human player 6 times, you automatically become a Public Enemy. It is best to do this alongside the Outlaw I challenges.

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