He left for the East and never came back. Must be getting on for 10 years ago now. He's a high-and-mighty banker in New York, according to his last letter.

Bonnie MacFarlane to John Marston

Patrick MacFarlane is a minor, unseen character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Patrick MacFarlane is the only surviving MacFarlane Brother. He is mentioned by civilians of Warthington Ranch, saying he's successful, and by Bonnie, with few kind words to say.

It is mentioned that he left for New York some 10 years prior to 1911 by Bonnie.


He does not meet the player, but is mentioned in the mission "The Burning".


  • He, according to his letters, is a "high and mighty banker living in New York."
  • He may be a reference to a character from Grand Theft Auto IV, Patrick McReary, who lives in Liberty City, (a parody of New York City) who becomes rich after robbing a bank. Both characters even have multiple brothers and a single sister.