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The Pleasance Deed is an item found in Red Dead Redemption.


The Pleasance Deed allows the player to use Pleasance House as a safehouse to save their game and change outfits. It can be given to Andrew McAllister for the Stranger side-mission Water and Honesty for $220 and then after you finish the quest you may kill Andrew McAllister to get the deed back.


During the side-mission Water and Honesty. Marston obtains the deed from Clyde Evans by paying him $200 or taking it by force (killing or hogtying Evans). It is lost once given to Andrew McAllister, but can be re-obtained by killing him and looting the corpse, thus restoring Pleasance House's ability as a safehouse.


  • If taken by force, even if the player only hogties Evans, the deed will be covered in blood in the cutscene when handing it over, as commented on by a disgusted McAllister.
  • If you want to increase your honor, you can buy a Bandana from Thieves Landing, and pay for the deed from Evans, as you will receive $220 for the deed from McAllister without blood on it with an increase in honor, and can inturn, equip the Bandana and kill McAllister and avoid loosing honor while retaining the Pleasance Deed.