xDBHx * Deadly BrotherHood *

We´re a fist full of really high skilled Red Dead Redemption online gamers. We´ll clear the things the bloody way, no remorse! Each one of our members has almost 2 or 3 years of pure gamin experience @ Red Dead Redemption. We´ve busted a lot of enemy clans. Once you´re inn, you can´t leave without losing your reputation!!! Our target is to search for the best and hardest trouble. For sure we´ll beat down every enemy.

Joining the BrotherHood:

To join the hood, you must be a very good gamer. We don´t need junk in our clan, you know!? If you´re sure to be a good gamer and you think you got "balls" then just add xDBHx GunFight ( He´s the clan leader ). But notice, we´ll test you before you might become a real xDBHx member!! Btw. Don´t waste our time for adding you If you are just a lil´teenager...No way, xDBHx is only for adults!!!

The Brothers:

The leader:

!! xDBHx GunFight (xbox 360) !!

The Homies:

◾ xDBHx KarateKid (xbox 360)

◾ xDBHx Bad Ryan (xbox 360)

◾ xDBHx Mad Henry (xbox 360)

◾ xDBHxElDestino (xbox 360)

◾ xDBHxBlackWidow (xbox 360)

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