"Hellraiser" Hall and the 7 revolvers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


--(XboxLive Posse)--

We are the rootinest, tootinest gunslingers in the west border states and beyond. Our aim is to avenge the death of John Marston, the greatest hero the world has ever seen. How do we go about this? Kill the CRAP out of the law.

Our daily routine

1. Screw about in a random town. (Often Blackwater and/or Chuparosa)

2. Head on up to tall trees and have an EPIC fistfight free-for-all on steep platform traintracks - if you're knocked down, you are well and truly DOWN.

3. Gather up a decent bounty (Public enemy is more than enough)

4. Head to our favourite hideout - Torquemada!

5. Hold out from the law, (and intrepid bounty hunters) for as long as possible, killing their piggy little traitor faces to tiny weeny pieces.

Joining the posse

We won't be taking any revolvers, as you can only be invited to be one of those. However, you can join our gang! We prefer players with a decent proficiency in firearms, some basic skill of defending forts (Torquemada) and good sense of humour! If you don't meet some or any of these qualifications; no worries; just send ma message on XboxLive for me to add you or add yourself if you'd like.


"Hellraiser" Hall - AerobaticDwarf =The 7 Revolvers =

"Blindshot" Browning -

- II Mr. Lambo II

Our gang

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