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The skin used by CC

"Hitmen for Hire" is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


Cripper Creedence Benoit (Aka: CC Benoit) Was hired by various governmental officals, pissed off houswives, drunks, lazy bounty hunters, banditos, and many other classes of criminals because he was one of the best killers. Benoit enjoys killing, but has civility: he will not attack another outlaw (Xbox Live Player) unless hired to or provoked (So please don't be an ass).

Joining the posse

To join, you must simply be recruited or hire CC Benoit (recruit him to your posse).



  • Leader: CC Benoit (Xbox Live)
  • Leader's asst: contentdreaming (Xbox Live)

Other members

Anyone in CC Benoit's Posse is a member until they are removed from the posse


  • Benoit enjoys to snipe at targets, so don't get too pissed off in gang matches
  • Benoit plays only in gang matches, no free for alls.
  • Benoit's "Bases of Operation" include: El Presido, Cochinay and Thieves Landing
  • Benoit enjoys attacking Twin Rocks, Fort Mercer and Nosidila
  • As mentioned earlier, Benoit will only attack if hired or provoked.

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