"Mag Changers" is a Red Dead Redemption posse on the Xbox 360.

About the posse

We are an Xbox 360 group that is focused on fun, but we also aspire to hone our skills and better ourselves as players. As the name implies, we like to "change our mags" or reload our firearms. This is not our of personal convenience, instead to flaunt the importance of reloading. We are all from the United States, and all of us are English speakers only. We all have microphones, and we play Red Dead Redemption often.

Joining the posse

To join, we have a few requirements. You must be fourteen years of age or older, this is to ensure emotional and mental maturity along with a deeper voice. You must speak English, because none of us understand any other. You must also undertake a live fire exercise in one of several gang hideouts. Another requirement is that you must be willing to share. We have several low levels with crappy arms and horses, and if you have something superior, let them have it. The final requirement is that you must have at least one golden weapon in multiplayer. We don't truly care if it was boosted for, but it allows us to flaunt our head shot superiority. If you are interested, contact Republican Rant on Xbox LIVE.



  • Republican Rant, who most often leads the posse
  • MrKaos24, who will fill in for a vacancy in leadership

Other members

  • TheColoringBoy
  • WhipOutTheBagel
  • Emurra666
  • Jakou3

External links

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