Two Old Guns

"The Old Guns" is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Around May of 2010 my partners and I purchased Red Dead Redemption for the XBOX 360, quickly ascending through the ranks and skills of the game. Over the course of time we have endured many travels and many enemies. The first posse we were in was called Widowmakers, back in the early days of Red Dead there were many hackers who made themselves 5th Legend with all golden guns, and would harass lower levels. We would take on those individuals, another part of the posse was bounty hunting, which brings us to "Marston and Son," our second posse. Lt Kartsounes, and I would play as Jack and John Marston and hunt public enemies. And now through all of the patches and updates, the wild portion of Red Dead is Dead. Almost as if time advanced, so have we. The Old Guns

We don't accept new Members, unless you have proof of being a TRUE Old Gun



  • Captain Davison
  • Lt Kartsounes

Other members

  • Ban 5336
  • Fuzzy The White
  • Bace5656
  • HalfEatenDonut

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