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"U.S. Military Forces" is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Our posse is for people that want to have fun and while we do ask for some tasks and the training in the beginning we just want anyone that joins our posse to have fun. Our posse has just a dopted a new rule where you get a warning for doing what your not soppused to be doing the 3 warnings and you get kick from the game and if you get kicked from the game 3 times you get kick from posse for a week or month depending on wh at you do.

Joining the posse

In order to join the posse, one must meet the following requirements: 1) Must be good with a Gun 2)Must be capable of following orders carefully and accurately 3) Respect others in the Clan 4)Must be wearing a US Army outfit

To join send American Llama a friend request saying clan join some ones friend list might be full so that is why you should send one to multiple people. You should also leave a small edit below leaving your gamer tag and if you play red dead often.


GentleTriEdge85-Lieutenant Colonel

TOXIC KILLERRZ-2nd in Command



  • American Llama

Law Bringer's Life

We are a group of trained civilians who consider themselves as a small army/task group. We have strict sets of rules. We are also for hire in case you need protection while adventuring the wild west. In our spare time we Hunt, Patrol, And knock back some booze at the Blackwater Saloon. Our main base of operations is at the Cochinay Base, and promotions will be given out monthly. We are highly trained gunmen and will establish a council once enough members are recruited.

How We Do Things As Lawmen



Cadet 2nd Lieutnant Lieutnant Captain Major Lieutant Colonel Colonel 1 Star General

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