"Wild Bunch Gang" is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Gang

We are the Wild Bunch Gang, a very notorious group of criminals. We don't know what the law is, and don't plan on it either. We operate on that newfound dohicky called an "Xbox." You can call us outlaws, bandits, or rebels, but we call each other a brother. Our hideout is a lawless place known as "Soloman's Folly." If your with the law, I dare ya to attack it.

What We Expect

To join the posse, send a message on Xbox Live to KqS x Hero, our leader. vI MiKeY Iv is his right hand man, his brother in arms. What we look for in our newest brothers-

  • -Honesty
  • -Loyalty
  • -NO TEAM KILLING (You will face an execution)
  • -Skill
  • -Ruthless Criminals

You better be able to kill some lawmen, 'cause they gonna try 'n kill you. You better not respect the law, 'cause it don't respect you. And Please, don't have a squeaky voice.



  • Our Leader- KqS x Hero
  • Co Leader- vI MiKeY Iv

Other Bandits

  • None yet

External links

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